The Junk Man Cometh!

Well, yeah me! The paneling is just about gone. I lit a fire under my own self this morning by calling a junkman in the Pennysaver. He promised to show up early this afternoon, so that motivated me to get the scrap wood out of the room, and rip the rest of the paneling off. It’s gone, save for a small piece encasing an electrical outlet which I am forbidden to touch!

It occurred to me, in my pondering moments this morning, that every time I’ve gotten stuck on this project, it’s mostly been due to all the junk piling up around me. Surrounded by stacks of paneling or piles of 2-by-4’s, it’s kind of hard to even see what the next step is, let alone take that next step.

I feel one hundred percent lighter now that the junk man is gone. I’m able to re-envision this creative space and feel the physical freedom to move ahead.

Yet as I do, I’m also aware that there will always be some internal clutter that needs some loving attention.  Sometimes the hardest part of change and building anew in our lives is first getting rid of clutter and junk. The funny thing about junk though, is that we just get so used to it. Soon we find ourselves stepping around things without giving a second thought to the trouble it brings. We hardly realize how it might be hindering us.

This is probably what psychologists refer to as baggage. Baggage sounds a lot like suitcases sitting in a room, long after vacation is past. It also brings to mind all the extra stuff we tend to travel with, that we rarely need. Baggage may be an apt enough analogy, but in reality, anything that clutters up our hearts and minds for long ceases to be baggage when it becomes a fixture in the room.

We can’t call the local junk man to deal with this kind of debris and clutter, but we do know One who is willing to take all this upon him. Perhaps then, the question is really: Are we ready, and willing to part with this stuff? Can we imagine living and moving in the space and freedom offered to us by our Savior?


2 thoughts on “The Junk Man Cometh!

  1. Great thoughts Dianne. I am feeling like I’ve got some junk to unload right this very moment. Anxiety and fear…yet I know my Savior has paid the price for both and offers me freedom to walk in repentance and live in His mercy and grace.

  2. This has certainly spoken to my heart and mind! The “things” that seem important at the moment are not really important at all in the light of eternity. Thanks for your post!

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