A Hole or Two (or Three)

So finally, I’ve moved past the paneling nightmare. Truly, I hope to never look at another piece of paneling in my life. As I washed the walls, I realized these walls have a few little problems. Nothing beyond repair however. Adrenaline surged and, after a good wipe down with my super vinegar/baking soda/ammonia concoction, the spackling job went pretty easily.

I don’t know, you tell me. Did the guy use a lot of nails to hang his paneling or what?

What, you can’t tell from just one picture? Okay, here’s another.

Mike did say I’m doing a good – no, make that great – job! Thank you very much! He did comment on the amount of joint compound junk around each hole, until I informed him that many of those patches are covering anywhere from two to eight nail holes! Do  you think the guy was that bad at finding studs? Or maybe he just had nightmares about the paneling sprouting legs and running away!

So I’m onto sanding, some caulking (the windows need recaulked as well as the random cracks at the ceiling joint) and then woohoo! PAINT! If anyone’s bored, feel free to give me a call this week.

I spent some time at Borders the other night, perusing home decor books. I’ve pretty much settled on a color scheme – any guesses? Or suggestions? As well, I have some exciting ideas to add a bit of whimsy and fun to the room! Stay tuned for further progress updates!

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  1. Maybe the guy had an anger problem. Perhaps his wife told him to go pound nails. Hee hee!

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