Random Midnight Musings

Just a few scattered thoughts keeping me awake tonight:

  • Got the ceiling painted. Yeah me.
  • My shoulder and arm are killing me. Thank goodness, the need to paint ceilings only comes about once every five years or so. I can’t imagine there will be ceilings in heaven!
  • The walls will have to wait until I get back. Can’t say I’m looking forward to more rolling of paint, but the end is in sight and I’m trying to stay focused on the vision! So looking forward to getting my art stuff out again.
  • I’m trying to figure out how to best maximize the space in this room. Right now, it’s like a big blank canvas, and that’s always just a bit scary. The freaking perfection thing wants to kick in.
  • We picked up a sleeper loveseat for the room on Craigslist. The cool thing was, we knew the sellers. It will be nice to have something to offer besides an air mattress for the occasional overnight guest.
  • I’m leaving soon to head for the hills with my sister and her kiddos for a few days. With five nieces and nephews, I’m not expecting this to be one of those “peace and quiet” vacations. But I’m looking forward to lots of cooking and being in nature and just being an aunt. Oh, and lots of late night talks with my sis.

Stay tuned!


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