Ten Interesting Paint Factoids

Oh, the stuff that flows through your brain when you’re wielding a paint roller:

  1. Haven’t they come up with any ergonomic painting equipment yet? I’m thinking something that would allow me to enjoy a Diet Coke with Lime in one hand while I watch paint mysteriously and painlessly appearing on the walls!
  2. What’s with the Vs all of a sudden? For years, standard painting instructions were to roll a W on the walls, then fill in that area with the roller. Now it’s a V? Does it matter that I rolled two walls with Ws and two with Vs? Actually, I can think of more words beginning with Vs that that I like, so I  don’t exactly mind. And W is a hard word for kids to pronounce anyways . . . although you probably don’t want your three-year-old painting anyways! Who said change wasn’t hard!
  3. Did you know if you cut a slit in the bottom of a zippered sandwich bag, you can drop your paintbrush in there and call your sister or make yourself some iced tea or check your email, and your paintbrush won’t be all crusty?
  4. You can also slip a roller in a plastic bag if you’re taking a break between coats and it won’t crust over either.
  5. Thank heavens for husbands who don’t mind easy meals like grilled cheese and frozen pizza during painting projects.
  6. I’m equally thankful for whoever came up with the brilliant idea to sell the little jars of paint samples. Ounce for ounce, they’re a huge rip-off, if you’re the kind of person who buys the 32 oz bag of shredded cheese because it works out to .05 cents cheaper per ounce. But when you’re talking about gallons of paint, it works out perfectly, if you’re stricken with a bad case of indecision, as I am.
  7. Did you know that trying to choose the right paint color can land you in bed? Just ask me; that’s where I ended up Monday afternoon. I can laugh about it now, but believe me, it wasn’t pretty.
  8. Did you know yellow is one of the hardest colors to get right? That’s because of the way the light is absorbed and reflected by it. Seriously. Apparently even Martha Stewart’s style editor got it wrong once with a yellow painting project. I know this because I did a ton of internet research on the subject. You may think it was a huge waste of time, but it made me feel a whole lot better and it beat staying in bed all evening!
  9. Did you know that I have two walls completely painted and two walls awaiting the final coat and I’m still.not.sure!
  10. You should know that I’m going to call this room the Happy Room. Not exclamation-point, bouncing-off-the-walls-happy (the padding would obscure the lovely paint color, whatever that ends up being) but just aaahh-sweet kind of happy. Not belly laughs, just satisfied grins. You’ll have to come visit me here sometime.
  11. In the next life, I want to be the person who comes up with all those fabulous names for all the different shades of paint. I wonder if they (the paint names) are all top secret, or if they’re regularly the topic of business lunches or what? Seriously, what an awesome job that must be.

Sorry, but the above post should explain why no pictures accompany this post. And sorry I couldn’t stop at ten but you should know that I despise even numbers! And now back to my regularly scheduled indecision over paint color and prepping for my daily mecca to Home Depot tomorrow morning.


One thought on “Ten Interesting Paint Factoids

  1. I can’t begin to describe how much I dislike painting. And I married someone who dislikes it even more tensely than I do. Tim painted outside a couple of times, then several years ago, promptly called a local company to come out and put vinyl siding on every single part of our house (except the outside doors) that is not brick. Inside, we’ve repainted a whopping 2 rooms in the 15+ years I have lived here. Every.single.other room is still the color it was when I moved in. I want to paint them, want to change colors, but neither of us can bring ourselves to paint. Pick out colors, buy paint, move everything, actually PAINT, etc. Ugh. I break out in hives just thinking about the process.

    My hat is definitely off to you for taking on a project like this.. and not going stark raving mad!

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