And It Was All Yellow

Finally! The transformation is starting to be apparent now. The room no longer makes me want to puke when I walk in there. After agonizing way more then necessary over paint color, it’s pretty much in the books now. A little touch up and I can move on. (And no – you’re not seeing things. The walls are intended to be two different shades of yellow.)

I love the colors I picked. The more I read about yellow, being a great color to both absorb and reflect the light, the more I realized how perfect it would be for a place where I hope to create beautiful things. I too want to both absorb and reflect the Light! Although I will mostly be the only one using this room, except for the occasional overnight guest, I want it to be inviting. And I want my life to be inviting as well.

The temptation certainly exists to hole up by myself for days on end, but I know I can’t do that. Part of me struggles with reading other’s poetry and viewing their art, because on the one hand, it makes me feel extremely inadequate. But equally so, I feel like it’s cheating, to expose myself to the creativity of others. As if my own ideas and reflections materialize out of nowhere!

I’m learning that art and creativity are, by nature, a give and take process. We need art and beauty, and we need to regularly expose ourselves to the art of others. Receive it as a gift. Drink it in, let it wash over your soul and don’t worry how it will affect your own ability to create. We shouldn’t feel constrained by the way others do things, as if their way is the only way. But as we receive it, and recognize where it resonates with us, it somehow changes us and we have more to offer others. Life is about both the receiving and the giving, the breathing in and the breathing out.

And as always, when I talk about art and creativity, it goes far beyond just visual images or words. If you cook, how much richer is your experience when you watch the cooking shows, or spend an evening browsing foodie magazines, and then you cook for some friends! Even if your creativity is limited to your parenting efforts right now, isn’t it easier when you share the experience with others via playdates and learning from other moms?

Wow, all that from a can of paint! Must be the paint fumes. I amaze myself sometimes, but then I hate when I do silly things like let paint dry on rollers, forget to cook Mike dinner, etc. so I better move on. Lots of new things in store for Unfinished Work, I think – some to be revealed very soon. In the meantime, I’m now ready to tear out the carpet and hang a few curtain rods. Stay tuned!

(Song lyrics excerpted from Yellow, by Coldplay)


4 thoughts on “And It Was All Yellow

  1. Beautiful color of yellow! I didn’t realize at first that it was two shades, but I see it now and it’s very soothing. We painted my kitchen a yellow a few years back and I love it.

    I wish I had a single ounce of creativity or artistic tendencies. Alas, I do not. I loved reading your thoughts and prose on it though! I’m more like a computer, logical, practical and very literal 🙂

    Can’t wait to see more pics of your new creative space!

  2. hi dianne! thank you for visiting my place…
    i love yellow walls too! i paint my walls different colors very often, but dont have yellow now. my very first apt. when i went to college had yellow walls, and it was such a happy place.
    i also checked out your card shop too! it’s great- you are very talented. i am trying to get back into creating also, as i used to make lots of things a long time ago…
    nice to meet you 🙂


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