Chocolate & Fiction

I don’t read much fiction. To put it in gustatorial terms, I simply make a pig of myself when I sit down with a novel. Much the same as I could do with cheap chocolate, the kind that’s leftover after Halloween, I tend to devour way too much in one sitting, whereas with non-fiction I can discipline myself to take my time and digest all the goodness. I liken fiction to cheap carbs, empty calories you grab to satisfy a craving. Non-fiction usually qualifies as protein or fiber or complex carbohydrates.

Nevertheless, every so often I cave in and enjoy a bit of chocolate – make mine smooth and dark, please. Dove or Ghiardelli will do quite nicely. As quickly as it’s gone, it is still worth every sweet second that the mellow taste and aroma offer.

While I tend to much prefer nonfiction, summer usually finds me indulging in some choice fiction picks. Every summer I usually read something by Jodi Piccoult; I read Handle with Care when I went camping with my sister and her kids. I enjoy the medical topics she explores, always in the context of a legal dilemna. When Mike and I went away a few weeks ago, I read Embrace Me, by Lisa Samson. And I just read The Help on Sunday afternoon. After being on the library waiting list for about four months for this book, a friend finally loaned me her copy. I started it around two o’clock and just finished it around seven-thirty (and there was a trip to the “store” with Mike in that span). A slightly controversial book about a very controversial book, I enjoyed this story very much, once I got past the inconsistent dialect (she fails to give the southern homeowners any dialect at all). It’s a good insight into the Civil Rights era of the 60’s, a time period we somehow never managed to make it to in my Christian high school history classes.

And now back to my regularly scheduled reading. I’m currently reading Sacred Chaos by a new-to-me author, Tricia Carey Rhodes. A good read but one that begs for slow, pensive attention. And I’m working on my list for fall, in anticipation of Katrina’s Fall into Reading challenge.

So what have you been reading this summer? Fiction or nonfiction? Anything good?


5 thoughts on “Chocolate & Fiction

  1. You always give me good ideas on books to read. Thanks. I have just been getting into the Jodi Picoult books, too, since vacation. I also enjoy reading the kid’s books, especially Brianna’s. Fiction is so addicting, I just finished “My Sister’s Keeper” (reading entirely too late). I may even try Katrina’s fall reading challenge.

  2. I admit, I had to go look up gustatorial. At least I learned a new word today 🙂

    I read almost exclusively fiction books. I really struggle with non-fiction. I am trying to read one now, Radical by David Platt, one that our church picked for their summer reading program. I started off strong, but now I’ve gotten bogged down 🙂

    I read the Help, and while I enjoyed it, I didn’t just LOVE it like most everyone else on the planet. It was particularly interesting for me, because it was set in the town I grew up in and still live nearby. The references to the places and streets and neighborhoods from my childhood was the best part for me 🙂

    Looking forward to seeing your picks for the Fall reading challenge!

    Happy Reading!

  3. I, too, loved The Help. But I listened to the audio version, complete with the accents, so I didn’t notice the dialect issue. 🙂 I also read Sacred Chaos a while back. Really enjoyed it, but I think I need to revisit it.

    I read mostly fiction this summer, but am gearing up for a mix of fiction and non-fiction for the fall…

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