Movies: A-Z part 2

So I’m still working my way through the library movie selection. And believe it or not, ten movies or so down and I’m still in the A’s! (We still rent from the local video store as well as the occasional theater visit).

I recently picked up Anger Management, About a Boy and Apocalypto. I picked Anger Management because Mike is a big fan of Jack Nicholson. Sometimes I can take him; other times I can’t. Same with Adam Sandler. We watched about 15 minutes before I asked to shut it off. Just too much blatant um – I can’t even think of the word. It was too bizarre for me.

About a Boy was another story. I loved this movie! I know, Hugh Grant always plays these extremely self-absorbed characters but who can resist that adorable English accent! And the boy in this movie was absolutely charming, in a sweet, unassuming way. In a nutshell, the story revolves around “Will’s” endeavors to meet single moms, but he feels having a child of his own would make him more appealing to these unsuspecting women. When a young boy who’s mom is perpetually depressed takes a liking to him, hanging out with him after school, Will tries to use this to his advantage. But it ends up opening a whole new world of quirky but beautiful relationships for both Will and Marcus. The movie had the classic English family story line – someone’s a little off but they end up bringing a refreshing, albeit initially painful, perspective through their honesty – at least that’s my take on these kind of stories.

I can’t get Mike to commit to Apocalypto yet, so we’ll see what happens on that one. But rejoice with me – today I moved on to the B’s. Let’s see, at this rate, I should “finish” with the selection at this one library in about five years if I’m lucky!


Movies A-Z

In an effort to reduce a few expenses this year, I’m ditching Netflix and availing myself of the free movies at my local library. And in an effort to avoid wasting time randomly perusing the offerings, I’m just starting at the A’s and checking out any that look good! We’ll see how far I get in a year!

Last night I watched August Rush which was a winner. I checked out Aeon Flux for Mike and I for the weekend – a sci-fi thriller starring Charlize Theoron whom I have enjoyed in everything I’ve seen with her.

But I thought I’d ask here if a “must-see” comes to mind for you. Have you seen anything great lately, or is there one movie that you find yourself recommending over and over again? Specifically, I’m interested in movies that spark creativity or speak to justice issues. Or even just ones that might capture Mike’s attention (he’s more into action/adventure type movies).

I’m not promising to review movies here but I’ll post occasionally on this adventure and highlight any surprises!