Road Trip!

We left Sunday for a little road trip to Bedford, PA. Mike is great about trusting me to pick a place. He tells me a few things that are important to him (usually a pool and the distance), and the rest is up to me. This time was a little trickier, since we decided to take the dog.

Apparently, we belong to a group of people known as “shunpikers.” Really, it’s an official term used to describe people who attempt to stay off the beaten path. We absolutely love going somewhere and exploring via back roads, but this time we stayed off the turnpike completely. If you’re familiar with Pennsylvania at all, you’ll know it’s noted for its rolling hills and believe me, we were up and down quite a few of them, as much as a 15% grade at one point over the Allegheny Mountains. The weather was unbelievably overcast the entire trip, which didn’t put a damper on the trip but the pictures are all rather greyed out. I had a blast with my new camera – not sure if it was just the size that motivated me to take lots of pictures, but for the most part they all turned out really well. It has an incredible zoom and lots of nifty features I haven’t even begun to figure out yet but this was a good start.

The dog did great. This was an awesome revelation to us, how easy it is to pick up and take off with the dog. August is not my favorite month and one reason is because half of civilization is busy with getting kids ready for school. It can be kind of depressing. So this was the perfect time to head out of town and spend some time together. We were able to leave the dog crated in the hotel for several hours at a time, while we went to dinner or did a little sightseeing. But we also found plenty of places where he was welcome, so he was with us a good bit. As long as we remember to not feed him in the morning, he does fine in the car. He is a little neurotic, we think, but we just ignored it and he seemed to relax after the first hour or so.

Bedford is a quaint little town located between Somerset and Breezewood. The town itself was worth a few hours exploring, both on foot and by car. Lots of great architecture and neat little shops just begged us to stop and take it all in.

On Monday, we went to Old Bedford Village, which is a little colonial village. Many of the buildings are original and were relocated to the site over the years. Gyver was welcome here, which we thought was great. I’m ashamed to say that, even having taught history for several years, American history is my least favorite period. But I still enjoyed walking around the homes and shops and being transported, for a few hours, back to a time when life moved a little more slowly.

Monday evening, we took a drive up past Altoona, PA, to DelGrosso’s Amusement Park. Yes, that would be the spaghetti sauce people! It consists of a small water park on one side, along with a mini-golf and go-kart track, and a ride park on the other side. Admission was free – unless you wish to purchase a ride pass (for $15.95 peak season – way better than Kennywood!) I only rode the merry-go-round but we did spend a little chunk of change on Skee-ball, and Mike found a Medieval Madness pinball game that he also has for Playstation, so that was fun. It reminded us a lot of the way Kennywood Park used to be.

We took our good old time getting back today, leaving at around 10:30 am and not getting home until 5:00 pm. We spent a good part of the day traipsing around the area on a covered bridge tour. We only made it to five of them, out of thirteen, but we hope to get back there this fall and locate the rest of them. We ended up at a great little place in Ligonier for lunch – Ligonier Tavern, and then headed back onto Route 30 towards Pittsburgh.

A long time ago we figured out he’s a good driver and I’m a good navigator. I can’t describe how relaxing it was, just driving along the country roads with no real agenda. Now we’re home, and both back on our computers, (he had a lot of work to do and I was anxious to upload my photos), back to our regularly scheduled life. So you can see why I love road trips so much!